Embroidered Peasant Blouses Made in Romania by Local Artisans.

These traditional Romanian peasant blouses were made from hand woven linen, hemp, cotton, or silk.


The decorative patterns dressing up these blouses are geometrical, non geometrical, and mixed and feature a combination of running stitch, back stitch, hem stitch, straight stitch, oblique stitch, over sewing, cross stitch, chain stitch, little star, stitch wrapped on the thread, over thread stitch, rosette stitch and more. The threads are made of silk, cotton, or hemp in colors such as black, red, white, blue, golden, silver and yellow. A blouse can have about 10 types of embroidery stitches. Since every blouse is made by hand there are no two blouses identical although artisans may follow similar patterns. Every peasant blouse displays smocking or decorative gathers around the neck, waist and wrist to make the blouse easy to fit and adjust on the body. 


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